Introducing the “Forest For Future” association
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Milan, October 17, 2017 – Introducing “Forest For Future,” a non-profit established in Italy in order to bring together public and private stakeholders, with the goal of increasing awareness of issues related to the conservation of primary forests.

The Forest For Future association invites european companies, agencies, professionals, and organizations to come together to work on the promotion and restoration of Indonesia’s forest heritage and the protection of its biodiversity

• The Association has signed an agreement with the Belantara Foundation, an Indonesian non-profit
whose ambitious goal is to restore and protect one million hectares of forest in ten selected regions of
Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Milan, October 17, 2017 – Introducing “Forest For Future,” a non-profit established in Italy in order to bring together public and private stakeholders, with the goal of increasing awareness in Italy of issues related to the conservation of primary forests, protection of biodiversity, and sustainability of the entire wood, paper, and packaging industry.
Today in Milan, Green Management Institute, which is promoting the initiative in Italy, and Asia Pulp & Paper presented “Forest For Future,” an association founded in Italy to promote a balance between conservation and sustainable use of forests, materials processing, the dissemination of sustainable paper products, and education on their proper recycling. Stakeholders who are or will become members of “Forest For Future” will take steps to develop projects in Indonesia aimed at restoring the landscape and strengthening local Indonesian communities within the territory.
Members and partners of “Forest For Future” undertake to promote a sustainable industry culture through the development and dissemination of research and development activities, for a culture of paper products that closely considers economic, social, and environmental impacts.
An important first step for the Association was the agreement signed with the Belantara Foundation, an Indonesian NGO that will fund and manage conservation and protection projects in Indonesia, including: thousands of embanked side channels to maintain adequate water flows and levels in the concessions; an agro-forestry program already being implemented in hundreds of villages in order to improve the welfare of local communities and safeguard the natural forest; and the strengthening of fire prevention measures.
The Belantara Foundation is focused on gaining international support for the protection and restoration of Indonesian forests in ten key areas covering a total of one million hectares, and will work with communities, civil society, governments, and companies to monitor the restoration of forest areas, protect endangered animals and biodiversity, promote economic-social development of local communities, and conduct and studies and research on Indonesian land management.
In addition, the Forest For Future association is committed to involving companies and institutions to quickly achieve a critical mass of members and partners. This will permit effective steps to safeguard one of the largest green lungs of our planet, a virtuous industry cycle, and greater use of sustainable products, thanks to Belantara’s supervision and coordination of commitments and resources.

Francesco Bertolini, President of the Forest For Future Association and the Green Management Institute, stated: “Collaboration with partners who share the mission of Forest For Future is based on entities who have worked together to develop skills, knowledge, and networks within the sphere of sustainability and a circular economy and who promote a broad vision of corporate social responsibility that includes the protection of highly biodiverse forest areas.”

Danilo Benvenuti, Regional Director Europe of APP, continued: “Since 2013, when it introduced its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), the APP Group has invested millions of dollars to protect and restore forests in Indonesia. Through the FCP, we undertook not to damage virgin forest resources and to protect areas of great environmental value. The next step was to launch a conservation and restoration campaign for one million hectares, which resulted in collaboration with the Belantara Foundation.”
Benvenuti concluded: “Through Forest For Future, we want to bring the same message to Italy and Europe: concrete collaboration in protecting biodiversity in the most precious, at-risk areas of the planet, starting with Belantara Foundation projects.”