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Regional Director Asia Pulp & Paper, Danilo Benvenuti’s presentation
Sustainable packaging and forest conservation

Asia Pulp & Paper, Forest For Future’s founding member, is convinced that the Companies engagement for the environmental conservation is foundmental. This is even more relevant if thus engagement is translated into partnership from the different actors. To discover more, please find here below the link to translate Danilo Benvenuti’s presentation.

Prof. Francesco Bertolini presentation
Competitività, conservazione e nuove leve di comunicazione

Forest for Future intends to share its vision of development through a constant dialogue with the private sector a key subject in the internalisation and success of environmental challenges. Please find here below the link to download Prof. Bertolini’s presentation.

Climate change: what role does the packaging play?
On the occasion of the UN World Climate Conference, Forest For Future organized a round table to deepen the potential for a rethinking of the packaging life cycle, as a contribution to reducing its impact on climate change.

Reduction of consumption; recycling; reuse. These are the three pillars on which the circular economy rests. A new way of understanding the entire supply chain and a key element for a management able to protect the planet’s resources and reduce the impact on climate change. In this scenario, what role does the packaging play? Which solutions can you take to reduce the impact on climate change?

Forest For Future – Radio24

Prof. Francesco Bertolini was hosted by the Italian programm Radio24 and he describes how Forest For Future is contributing at the Sustainability efforts of the largest Asian pulp and paper producer. Click here to listen to the poadcast (Italian only):

Introducing the “Forest For Future” association
Milan, October 17, 2017 – Introducing “Forest For Future,” a non-profit established in Italy in order to bring together public and private stakeholders, with the goal of increasing awareness of issues related to the conservation of primary forests.

The Forest For Future association invites european companies, agencies, professionals, and organizations to come together to work on the promotion and restoration of Indonesia’s forest heritage and the protection of its biodiversity[…]

“Forest For Future” is here
“Forest For Future” Is Here Italian companies, agencies and bodies join forces to promote a sustainable cellulose packaging supply chain in Italy

“Forest For Future” Memorandum of Understanding signed at Milan’s Town Hall Green Management Institute – promoting the MoU in Italy – to assess the conditions for public and private players in the country to take part Milan, 16th June 2016 – Milan, 16th June 2016 – “Forest For Future”, the Memorandum of Understanding aimed at […]